I’m Chasity Cedeno, a women’s health + life coach, yoga instructor, soon to be energy worker, and mom! I wear many hats, but my passion is helping young girls and women find their natural flow with their menstrual cycles.

I’m a total nerd when it comes to how the body works. I’ve devoted hundreds – if not thousands – of hours studying how women’s bodies work, the hormones that affect every aspect of our lives, what causes these hormones to become “unbalanced”, how to bring these hormones back to balance naturally, and so much more.

This passion for women’s health started when I was in second grade; I watched my mom battle with ovarian cancer for the first time. I would go with her to her doctor appointments and sit with her when she would get her blood work done. I was so intrigued! I wanted to know what the test where saying – I wanted to know how to “fix” my mom.

This obsession continued as a “hobby” for many, many years until I realized how many women worldwide are simply unaware of how their bodies actually work.

“An estimated 1/4 of US women don’t know where their vagina is”

New York Post

My hobby has now turning into a burning desire to educate as many young girls and women as I can about their reproductive health. The knowledge is already within you, let me help you bring it to the surface!

My Offerings

One-on-one life coaching sessions via phone or video chat

Private yoga lessons via video chat

One-on-one menstrual health coaching sessions via phone or video chat

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