Why Do We Have Periods?

One day we’re just kids enjoying life; then, all of a sudden we sneeze, and Niagara Falls starts flowing red into our underwear. “What was that?!”, we think as we rush to the bathroom, and then you see it, and you know you’re going to die!

Okay, just kidding, but I seriously had no idea what to expect when I had my period for the first time! Of course, my mom had explained some of it, but in the early 2000s sex talk and periods were still super taboo topics. Plus, my period came a few years before most of my peers.

I actually remember my mom telling me that one of my classmates had started her period (our moms were friends) around six months before; my response was, “Oh! That’s why she takes so long in the bathroom!” I honestly thought that once your period came, it was there forever. I had no idea about monthly cycles; I did not know that your period was a monthly thing!

Flash forward about fifteen years: I have come to know my cycle so well that I routinely debate  my feminine health with my doctors. I started to track my cycle about five years ago after I got the hormonal implant birth control taken out of my arm; let me just say that experience was TRAUMATIC, and I have come to understand how to tap into my unique feminine energy to conquer life!

So, to answer the question: “Why do we have periods?”


We have many different hormones that do many different things, but when it comes to the menstrual cycle, we have five essential hormones:

  • Estrogen 
  • Progesterone
  • Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
  • Luteinizing Hormone (LH)
  • Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG)

These hormones are all responsible for different things and change in amount throughout your cycle. Your period is a result of a drop in hormones because the egg released during ovulation was not fertilized. When you are approaching ovulation, estrogen rises and then falls rapidly; the drop in estrogen is what signals the egg release and the thickening of the uterine lining. After about a week, the uterus realizes it is not pregnant, estrogen rapidly falls again, and the uterine lining disintegrates and is released through your menstrual flow.

Hormones control so much of our lives, so it is important to know about them and if they are out of wack. This post was a brief overview of what happens to cause your body to shed its uterine lining and the hormones that control our cycles.

The first step in becoming more aware of your feminine power is to track your period. There is a plethora of apps you can use to make it easy! I personally practice the Fertility Awareness Method, so I use the old fashion pen and paper, but do you gurl. 

If you’re read to flow happily and get personalized help with tracking your cycle, learn how to optimize different times within your cycle, or get on track with your hormones, click the “work with me” tab at the top!

Much love and happy flowing


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