Menstruation Mentorship

It’s time to make PMS, cramping, pre-menstruation anxiety and bloat a thing of the forgotten past! Menstruation Mentorship is a 1:1 program for any one struggling to love their cycles, young women just starting their cycle journey, ladies who are just coming/looking to come off birth control and anyone that is ready to take their menstrual health to the next level.

During our 4 month journey together, you will learn:


Cycle Tracking

The first step is to learn to track your cycle! If you track your cycle with an app or other resources, this is when I will take a close look at your chart and we’ll discuss any issues you may be experiencing and make an action plan for the months ahead!


Self Care Rituals

Self care seems to be a hot topic right now, and theres good reason! You should be prioritizing yourself, because you CANNOT pour from an empty cup! You’ll learn the best self care rituals for each phase of your cycle.


Meal & Exercise Plans

Just as the seasons outside change, our inner seasons change and require different nourishment and movement. In this mentorship, you will get personalized meal & workout plans that fit you and your lifestyle that also work in harmony with your cycle phases.


Herbs & Supplements

Herbs & natural supplements are a gift from *literally* God. There is so much goodness packed into plants! In this mentorship, we will discuss *if necessary* the best herbs & natural supplements for you and your body!

And much more!

Are you feeling disconnected from your cycle?

Have you talked with your doctor about pre-menstrual symptoms, but nothing seems to help?

Tired of dreading that “time of the month?”

Have an overwhelming feeling of “blah” more days than not?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you have found your missing link!

Get ready to ditch the pre-menstrual symptoms, “blah” days, and dread. It’s time to thrive during the ENTIRE month, not just survive. I’ve done the research, read the books, taken the classes so you don’t have to! I have first hand, personal experience with every one of these and have helped myself and clients over come these issues + more to start living their best life.

This mentorship will help you create an intimate relationship with your cycle. You will be able to tap into your intuition and become more empowered than ever! This empowerment will give you the confidence to take your menstrual health into your own hands and feel self-assured if intervention is needed.

Symptoms are your body’s way of trying to get your attention and tell you that something is wrong. Sever cramping, bloating, irritability, mood swings and other “pre-menstrual symptoms” are common, but also a sign that something is off. The only sign we should have that our period is on its way is a basal body temperature change approximately 14 days after ovulation. Also, just because you are experiencing a period, does not mean you are ovulating, hints why tracking is important.

Your period should not be dreaded! It should be a time of celebration, albeit calm and relaxing. My goal with menstruation mentorship is to have you come to love your period; lean into your bleed, don’t dread it! I will show and teach you ways to make your period a special time that you will truly enjoy.

How do you feel? Don’t just answer with “I’m fine.” “I’m good, and you?” How do you TRULY feel? Take a second and see if you can recall the last time you actually felt “GOOD.” You had energy, your stomach wasn’t bloated, you weren’t ridden with anxiety, your skin looked and felt amazing, etc. Now, the answer to why you probably don’t feel “good” everyday is hormones! Those complicated little things that control so much of our lives and can quickly get wacky and unbalanced. It’s time to put down the white flag of surrender and conquer your hormone imbalance once and for all!

Nothing is ever truly a one-size-fits-all, and the same goes for diet and exercise. The fad diets and exercises going around may give you quick results, but fall off the wagon for a couple of days and you’re right back where you started. We don’t do “quick fixes” in Menstruation Mentorship; we create a lifestyle centered around growth and health! You will learn the best exercises and recipes that flow fabulously with your cycle. You will also have the opportunity to book 4 private yoga sessions during your mentorship ($150 value.)

Monthly payments of
  • 16 1-hour calls + 4 1-hour video call + email between calls
1 Payment of
  • *Other plans available upon special circumstances and request

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